Day Trips from San Juan

Staying in San Juan as a traveler, not just a tourist, you're looking for the real heart of the island. TravelScript Guides show you the way.

More than just a list of local attractions, our TravelScript Guides share specific itineraries, including detailed logistics, to get you face to face with Puerto Rico on your flexible, relaxed schedule.

Cruise Shore Excursions

When your cruise arrives at the Port of San Juan, you're looking for something more than the average tourist. You're looking to get face to face with the heart of the island even though your shore time is limited.

TravelScript Guides give you more than just itineraries and a list of activities. We give you specific adventures with detailed logistics, allowing you to get out and explore on your terms, and still get back to the ship on time.

Multi-Touch Format

Apple’s iBooks format makes it possible to create easy to use, information packed, interactive books, designed specifically for Apple devices.

We can't imagine a better format for presenting the multi-media and interactivity of our itinerary based TravelScript Guides.

A Note From Me:

Hola, Traveler!

As a photographer and tour guide in Puerto Rico, I’ve heard from countless friends and family asking how to see this island as travelers, not just as resort tourists.

After 5 years of exploring Puerto Rico for both work and play, I’ve lived the answers to all of those e-mails, texts, Facebook messages and phone calls. And now I’m writing them down as specific itineraries for you to follow.

No matter what type of traveler you fancy yourself: Explorer, Adventurer, Extreme Adventurer, Hotel Softie - I’m here to eliminate your travel confusion.

Your job is to enjoy this vacation the way your dreams believe it should be. My job is to give you an itinerary to do so.

I write the script, you do the traveling.


- Nate Kennedy

Shore Excursion Titles

Shore Excursion: Secluded Beach
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Day Trip Titles

Day Trip: Secluded Beach
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